Birthday Party Room

Birthday Party Room

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Party Room Rental
Seat Up To 16 Guests
Two Hour Use of Party Room
Plates, Napkins, Cups, & Cutlery
Bottled Water For Each Guest
Bring Your Own Cake & Food
We Take Care of The Set Up & Clean Up The Mess!
TV to Entertain Guests Not Participating In Escape Room
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Birthday Party Room-How The Party Room Add On Works

Adding a birthday party room after your escape room gives you even more time to spend with friends and family. Book your escape room then add on the party room that starts at the same time. Guests who don’t want to play or parents letting their kids play can stay in the party room while you play the escape room. They can watch TV or play a board game while they wait in your private party area. After your escape room ends, up to sixteen guests can celebrate with food and cake for the second hour. Price does not include food or admission to the escape room. You may bring your own food and cake or have it delivered to our location. Click Here to find the escape room and time you want to play. Book that room and then click  Continue Shopping to Add the Party Room.

Not sure how many escape room tickets to buy? All our rooms are private so you can book 4 people and then add the rest the day of your party. Individual tickets can be refunded for the escape room but the refund can not exceed the min number of players required to book that room. Pricing is based on players so ticket prices vary depending on the total amount of players.

An adult chaperone over 17 is required to be in the room with kids under 15. Chaperones are not there to just watch, they may need to help with the puzzles so please be prepared to play.

These are logic based puzzles that kids can complete with assistance but they are not intended for children to do without an adult. Minimum age is 10 for birthday groups.

Birthday Party Room Booking Example