How To Book An Escape Room

Click The Book Now Button to see the available times we have each day. You can book weeks in advance or up to two hours before the escape game begins.

If you want to come within the hour or would prefer to book with a person, give us a call and we can tell you if we have availability.


All our escape rooms are private rooms so you will not be grouped with strangers. Prices vary depending on how many people are in your group. Rooms can be done with two people however we recommend groups of 4 or more because our rooms have a lot of puzzles.

Don't know what room to pick?

Movie Mayhem is a visual game and only has one mechanical lock.

Curse of the Golden Touch is a mixture of mechanical locks and electronic puzzles. It is has more logic based puzzles.

Both games are immersive and have a medium to hard difficulty. We let you play the game however you want to play. You play against the clock and only ask for clues when you want them or you can play to finish where we will nudge you along the way if you are falling behind.